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Adult Reusable Drink Pouches

Adult Reusable Drink Pouches

$ 6.99

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Remember the good old days of sipping on a capri sun by the pool? Well be prepared to relive your childhood (but now with some delicious adult beverages!) with these reusable drink pouches. Y'all, we seriously can't get enough of these - they are the cutest and hold up so well. Choose from 6 different hilarious sayings, comes with a random colored reusable bendy straw. They stand up on their own so don't worry about them falling over, great for pool days, beach trips, girl's night, and more. Simply fill with the beverage of your choice stick the straw through the opening zipper part, zip up around the straw and you're good to go!

*Two large holes at the top of the pouch for hanging or carrying
* Food Grade - made of non toxic BPA materials
* Holds around 15-17 oz of liquid
* Resealable & reusable - we recommend to hand wash so they last even longer.