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Burger & Fries Mini Clay Kit

Burger & Fries Mini Clay Kit

$ 5.99

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Who doesn't love a burger and fries every now and then?! Make the everyone's favorite dinner combo with the 100% Extra Small Mini Clay Kit: Cheeseburger and Fries kit from Fashion Angels. Use the air-dry clay, carving tool and easy to follow instructions inside this kit to make a delectable diner-worthy dinner. When finished, serve it up on a tray and don't forget the mini soda bottle to go with it. This is one of a series of collectible DIY food kits. Become a chef and make the tastiest 100% small cheeseburger and fries. Kit includes: 5-colors of air-dry clay in cream, yellow, brown, red and green, carving tool, fries box, soda bottle, tray, napkin, burger tray, and easy peasy instructions.

Ages 8+