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Ty Beanie Boos - Yips the Multicolor Unichihuahua

Ty Beanie Boos - Yips the Multicolor Unichihuahua

$ 6.99

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I'm Yips the Chihuahua, that's the smallest dog breed, but when it comes to looks that's where I exceed. I have a golden horn upon my head, I think that makes me a unicorn instead. That gold sparkly horn on my head like a peak, is not the only thing that makes me unique. The inside of my ears glitter like gold, I have golden eyes and I'm fun to hold. My adorable nose is blue like the sky. I have a blue scruff, I'm such a cute little guy.


June 30


You went out and drove away.
I stayed home throughout the day.
I deserve a tasty treat.
Maybe even something sweet.

  • Made with super soft Ty Silk fabric
  • Sparkly glitter eyes
  • Textured Super Sparkle accents
  • Includes official Ty Heart with birthday and poem
  • Surface clean only
  • 6 in